09.20.2005 Neal Rubin of the Detroit News writes
about our "Gas blues Special." Check out what he has to say in the Detroit News dated Sept 20, 2005. Article reprinted with permission:

Fill up your tank - then your car's - during bar's special

By Neal Rubin / The Detroit News Linking ground beef and gasoline seemed like a great promotion when unleaded regular was $3.19 a gallon. "Come in for a burger and fries," reads the marquee at Chesley's Bar in Lincoln Park. "The price of a gallon of gas." When co-owner Sue Ingesoulian checked Friday, though, the average price was floating around $2.79. That's getting near the point where the novelty isn't worth the loss, so this could be the last week for cut-rate cholesterol. Ingesoulian and her sister, Sandy, took over the bar at 3717 Fort St. after their brother died in 1997. They had no clue what they were doing, she says, but they're creative, and they make great cheeseburgers, and things have moved along nicely. Sue came up with the burger promotion three or four weeks ago, about the time she parked her SUV and started driving her daughter's '94 Ford Tempo with the bashed-in trunk. "I was afraid that because people were spending so much to fill their tanks, they're not going to be able to go out for a burger and a meal." There's no telling if the promotion is the reason, she says, but they've been selling more burgers than usual. Also, they've been getting more laughs than usual, especially when they pitch burgers to people who didn't see the sign. Chesley's always offers a daily special. Tuesdays, it's a pork chop dinner for $4.99, and for those wondering how they can make a profit at that price, it's simple: They can't. "If everyone came in and ordered it, we'd be in trouble," Sue says. The same holds for a burger and fries at $2.79. The regular price is $4.99, so it might be a good time to drive on over, now that you can afford to. Follow this link to see the article on the Detroit News web site: Fill up your tank - then your car's - during bar's special

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